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Phone:408-638-0968 Room: 405 458 0553

All Parties Call 408-638-0968

and enter room # 405 458 0553

on the day and time scheduled by the clerk.   All times are UTC-6.

Any failure to show by the respondent may result in an automatic Human Rights Violation against the respondent.  

All hearings are held by teleconference for the safety and convenience of all parties involved in the conflict. 

Upcoming events

  • 2018-08-15 7:00 PM - 2018-08-15 9:00 PMAmerica/Chicago

    Case #: 954C596B-23F7-42D8-8503-EA73B823F893

    Claimant and Respondents:   Robert Richard Larson vs. U.S. state of Wisconsin, and U.S. state of Illinois

    File List:

    Case #:  64EC8417-2B09-4F5F-91FA-98CB05D7D0B5

    Claimant and Respondents:   Michael Paul Marshall vs. U.S. state of Colorado

    File List:

    Case #: 594255B6-DF4D-4A40-90E3-BD0BC124B388

    Claimant and Respondents:   Shannon Lynn Reckner vs. U.S. state of Massachusetts, and U.S. state of Georgia

    File List:

    Case #: 2C0887E4-02F1-4237-BAF0-403EBBE822DC

    Claimant and Respondents:   Seth Linn Reskie  vs. U.S. state of Iowa

    File List:

    Case #: 322A4783-D378-4409-A589-5686653612B5

    Claimant and Respondents:   Brett Joseph Rieder vs. U.S. state of West Virginia

    File List: