The Human Rights Tribunal

HRTI1 copyInternational Public Notice

Published on 10-1-2016

The Human Rights Tribunal has been returned to the reign of the heavens and is now under the jurisdiction of the reign of the heavens society Temple.

The Ministers stand at the ready to hear human rights violations cases as soon as affidavits can be sent to the: 

[email protected]

The Ministry of Trusts will clerk your case to be heard by various qualified Ministers to determine if a human rights violation has in fact occurred and judgment will be rendered against said violator.

The Human Rights Tribunal may hear various types of cases and the affiant consents to the jurisdiction of the Human Rights Tribunal upon emailing the affidavit. 

No one or thing has immunity from human rights violations therefore the violator must stand as the respondent in any case filed with the Human Rights Tribunal.

International Due Process still remains with this Human Rights Tribunal.