Can I send my docs in Microsoft Word format?

NO, documents cannot be submitted in Microsoft Word or other “editable” word-processing format;

PDF files and Images are acceptable;

In addition, the Human Rights Tribunal International and the Clerk for the Tribunal DO NOT:

  1. fill-in any blanks (case #, party, dates, etc.) of your submitted documents;
  2. proofread rough drafts;
  3. acquire receipts or other acknowledgements nor do they perform research for your case;
  4. compile contact information for service of process;
  5. give legal advice for strategy;

Sending incomplete or erroneous information will not be accepted or acknowledged by the Clerk for the Tribunal, and may delay the due process; potentially affecting the outcome of the case. So make sure to submit complete and correct information.

If you need assistance with any of the above, you should seek the services of a Human Rights Defender. For more information regarding the Human Rights Defenders, visit their website at: