Hearing Schedule

2021-03-10 1:00 PM - 2021-03-25 1:00 PMAmerica/Chicago
Phone:646-558-8656 Room: 405 458 0553
Address: The United States of America

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*NOTE Check schedule regularly as changes have been made.


Case #:  HRTI-20210818-000026

Claimant and Respondents:  JEFFREY ALAN THOMASSON, PMA V Sheila Marie Schultz, Lee H. Tetwiler, Richard Michael Fisher,                                                                             Stephanie Keis, Ron Philip Wood, and Audra Lynn Harper

Hearing date is set for:  181st day, in the year of YHWH 6023 (Translation: 16th Day of  September 2021), Thursday at 1:00 PM UTC-6 (2::00 PM Central)

Lead International Notary:  Kevin Lloyd Lakes

Prosecutor:  William Emory Reffett