What is an acceptable affidavit?

1.  The TITLE of the affidavit should be either:


2.  The header should read:

Comes now, (Full Name of Affiant), (hereinafter “Affiant”) being competent to testify and being over the age of 21 years, after first being duly sworn according to law, to tell the truth to the facts related herein states, that Affiant has firsthand knowledge of the facts stated herein and believes these facts to be true to the best of Affiant’s knowledge and belief; and

3.  From here on, “I, me, my, we, they, them” etc. should not be used at all. Instead you will use names of witnesses, those involved, and Affiant.

4.  Make the body of the affidavit convey fact and NOT conjecture;

*Opinion cannot be used as evidence.

5.  Refrain from making any accusations against anyone involved unless the accusations are criminal.

6.  Use as much detail as you can to present your case;

The more detail that you can provide will produce a much better picture to those who read it.

7.  End with:

The affiant further sayeth naught;

(Autograph of Affiant)